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"The Silent Treatment" - 48 Hour Film Project - Atlanta

2014-07-21 2 846 Vimeo

"The Silent Treatment" is a short film that was written, shot, & edited within 48 hours for the 48 Hour Film Project in Atlanta (2014). Each team was given a genre, prop, character, & line. Genre: silent film (no field audio allowed) Prop: peach Character: Olivia Sandman - doctor Line: "I am going to tell you a secret." CREW Executive Producer: Tom Todaro Producer: Mary Todaro Director: Laura Meyers Writers: Patrick Morgan, Laura Meyers, & Nancy Wilson Director of Photography: Evin Fowler Assistant Director: Patrick Morgan Concept Advisor: Anthony Todaro First Assistant Camera: Martin Torchia Production Manager: Nancy Wilson Editor: Jesse Brooks Production Assistant: Mariquez Adams CAST Mark: Volnerius Rackley Olivia: Denise Pereira-Santos Pet store owner: Lynne Jenson Art therapy patient: Brooklyn Freeman Father: Mike Howell Mother: Madeline Hatter Hospital administrator: Tom Todaro Resident: Yossie Mulyadi As himself: Canyon the dog #sarahjonesisallofus