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English Sounds - The Two TH Consonants [θ] and [ð]

Learn the Sounds of American English! This video covers the Two TH Consonants [θ] and [ð]. Perfect your American Accent! Buy the whole set of videos, the Sounds of American English, here:.

2016-12-15 06:39 103,991 YouTube

'TH': Consonant Sound /ð/ as in "this"- American English Pronunciation

Learn how to pronounce consonant sound /ð/ used in words like "them," "brother," or "though." Improve your American accent with two phonetic exercises recorded by a professional speech ther

2016-12-08 07:24 36,587 YouTube

English: How to Pronounce TH Consonants [θ] + [ð]: Ameircan Accent

ESL: How to pronounce the W consonant sound in American English. Pronunciation and Accent lessons and exercises on the website. TRANSCRIPT: See video..

2011-03-28 05:25 330,987 YouTube

The /ð/ sound (th)

The /ð/ is a sound from the 'Consonants Pairs' group and it is called the 'Voiced dental fricative'. This means that you create friction between the tongue and top teeth. The /ð/...

2014-11-05 03:40 54,104 YouTube

Forming the /ð/ Sound

Learn how to form and pronounce individual sounds to improve your English pronunciation. For more videos, visit

2014-02-25 02:00 5,850 YouTube

160117 SHINee - D×D×D


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