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Gone Native

so, i ran out of cooking gas, and it was totallllly a bummer. that coupled with a 10-day calm left me pretty skimp on chow options. enter the spear......

2013-05-15 02:53 58,874 Vimeo

Thiago Klein fala por que é tão bom trabalhar na

Mal chega o final de semana e Klein já está torcendo para que a segunda-feira chegue logo. Aqui, ele revela o motivo....

2010-08-27 01:36 4,741 Vimeo

Character animation demoreel update March2013

Hello, I have updated my character animation demoreel recently in March 2013. Kindly have a look and review my animation work. Shot breakdown 1. Freestyle ...

2013-03-20 01:58 1,215 Vimeo



2016-05-14 02:38 855 Vimeo

Why Are Hospitals The Way They Are?

Sandpaper sheets, green jello and patients who leave with infections they didn't have when they were admitted. Hospitals DON'T have to be this way. Nick Jacobs...

2011-03-03 04:07 596 Vimeo

Rediscover Jesus - Jan. 1 New Beginnings

Debbie Matalone starts our first reflection with the wish… Happy New Year! For her, this is such an exciting time—full of possibilities and resolutions. She sha...

2015-12-22 01:32 938 Vimeo

Gerber Bear Grylls Kit Room 2013


2013-07-24 00:30 1,327 Vimeo