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CHINESE STREET FOOD - Qingping Market Street Food Tour in Guangzhou China | BEST Dim Sum in China

CANTONESE STREET FOOD in Guangzhou, China - EPISODE 1 What's up everyone! Luke Martin here from Chopstick Travel. Today we take you on a STREET ...

2018-08-19 15:16 25,138 YouTube

Hasil Asian Games : United Arab Emirates 1-2 China All Goals & Highlights 19/08/2018

Hasil Asian Games : Uni Emirat Arab 1-2 Cina All Goals & Highlights 19/08/2018 Emirates vs China United Arab Emirates vs China Emirates 1-2 China Emirates ...

2018-08-19 02:15 14,407 YouTube

Malaysia, China Sign Bilateral Currency Swap Agreement

Aug.20 -- China is ready to increase imports of Malaysian goods, especially palm oil. The two countries signed deals that would improve trade between them.

2018-08-20 02:50 462 YouTube

China went into details in Mahathir’s trip

Chinese authorities and hosts have gone into details in their reception of Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who is on an official trip to China ...

2018-08-19 01:51 27,439 YouTube

Inilah Jawapan PADAT Tun Dr Mahathir Buat Pelabur China Teruja Dalam Kerjasama Malaysia-China

Inilah Jawapan PADAT Tun Dr Mahathir Buat Pelabur China Teruja Dalam Kerjsama Malaysia-China.

2018-08-19 10:01 6,902 YouTube

It's not you, it's us, Dr Mahathir tells China investors

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad moved to soothe the anxieties of Chinese investors over the regime change in Malaysia after the May 9 polls.Speaking at the C...

2018-08-20 02:05 1,209 Dailymotion

China, Russia face new sanctions for aiding North Korea

The United States has placed new sanctions on China and Russia after a handful of companies aided in exporting goods into North Korea. CBS News State Department...

2018-08-15 06:56 12,094 Dailymotion

'Saya harap China simpati terhadap Malaysia'

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad pada Isnin meminta Beijing untuk lebih bersimpati berhubung dengan isu fiskal semasa Malaysia.Perdana menteri Malaysia itu berharap Chin...

2018-08-20 01:01 803 Dailymotion

Dr M disambut secara rasmi oleh PM China

Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mengadakan pertemuan dengan rakan sejawatannya, Perdana Menteri Li Keqiang di bangunan Great Hall of the Peopl...

2018-08-20 01:25 2,207 Dailymotion

China uncertainty

► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: of a new stimulus in China to soften its slowdown has encouraged stock marke...

2018-08-15 05:44 1,106 Dailymotion

Chinese leaders discuss succession

China's top political leaders are convening to pick the politicians who are to rule the country for the next decade. The FT's Kathrin Hille reports from the sea...

2018-08-15 03:04 1,225 Dailymotion

China challenges European football | Lex

► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: Jianlin, China’s richest man, is backing plans by his conglomerate Dalian Wanda G...

2018-08-15 03:17 1,128 Dailymotion

Rising China Our first trip to China was an eye opener. The sights, the sounds, the smells, all new to us. We traveled more than 10,000 miles to end u...

2015-07-19 03:45 166,029 Vimeo


Цейтраферная съемка в движении / time-lapse photography in motion director of photography: Pryadko Artem / assistant: Shishkovski Dmi...

2012-11-07 05:26 493,236 Vimeo

China: A Skier's Journey

Skiing as sport is in it’s infancy in China, a phenomenon of the country’s exploding middle class. As a means of survival, however, it is thousands of years...

2016-07-20 16:24 160,438 Vimeo


-Directed during my trip in China, nearly 3000 km traveled, From Beijing to Shanghai. -Réalisé lors de mon voyage en Chine, près de 3000 km parcourus, de Pé...

2013-08-28 02:40 30,813 Vimeo

CHINA - Wait

"The warped delirium of a distorted dream." CHINA is a siren of the wild confusion of lust. A twisted electronic pop artist with the heart of a balladeer. Dir...

2016-11-24 03:25 119,300 Vimeo


Our one month trip in china canon 5d mk III, slider konova K2, Canon TS-E 45mm f/2.8, SIGMA 17-35mm F2.8-4 SIGMA AF 70-200 f/2.8 music OMMA - 93 Days In Ch...

2014-04-23 02:53 35,695 Vimeo

Moments In China

Moments in China is a collection of vivid moments I experienced while traveling around China last month. The piece flows from Hong Kong to Beijing, and visits G...

2012-07-12 03:26 212,415 Vimeo