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Alas Feet

Alas en mis pies (Wings on my feet) ~German Virguez

Medicine song by German Virguez.

2013-06-14 04:02 20,296 YouTube

Foot Healing - 7.83HZ, 33HZ, 108HZ, 194.18HZ, 256HZ, 264HZ, ++ - White, Pink, Brownian Noise

Frequencies used: 7.83HZ, 33HZ, 108HZ, 136.1HZ, 144HZ, 144.72HZ, 194.18HZ, 256HZ, 264HZ, 289.4HZ, 389.4HZ, 396HZ Noise is tuned to: 33HZ, 108HZ, ...

2017-02-15 57:44 184,710 YouTube

Fish Ate My Feet! Chiang Mai, Thailand

All we wanted to do was visit some of the beautiful temples in Old Town Chiang Mai. We thought maybe we could walk around and find a book store to peruse, ...

2018-04-28 13:26 5,340 YouTube

German Virguez - Alas En Mis Pies + Letra [432HZ ] HD

Todos os seres somos luz y amor esperamos que disfruten esta hermosima cancion, en la mejor afinación 432 hz, frecuencia natural, para estimular la armonía ...

2016-09-13 04:11 13,271 YouTube

Allah Made Everything - Zain Bhikha (Official Video) feat. Omar Regan & Islamia School

'Allah Made Everything', the latest single from Zain Bhikha's brand new album "The Passing Traveller" - a fun filled, children's song that reminds us that whilst all ...

2015-07-15 05:30 11,431,003 YouTube



2016-10-29 03:47 2,055,445 Dailymotion

Alas Rotas Cap 19 audio latino


2018-03-31 48:33 22,648 Dailymotion

Alas Duduk Anti-ngantuk DPR

Alas duduk anti ngantuk ciptaan mahasiswa Universitas Brawijaya mungkin cocok buat kursi anggota DPR biar pas sidang tetap terjaga....

2017-12-08 00:54 1,296 Dailymotion

Alas Rotas (Broken Wings) - Latino - Capítulo 9 Completo

Kanatsız Kuşlar es una serie de televisión turca.Zeynep, Emre, Cemre y su hermana menor Aysun se quedan solos en la pobreza después de la muerte repentina d...

2018-03-10 47:56 3,584 Dailymotion

Alas Rotas - ítulo 24 - hoy Jueves - - Español

Alas Rotas - ítulo 24 - hoy Jueves - - Español...

2018-03-30 45:44 1,978 Dailymotion

Alas Rotas - ítulo 29 - hoy - - Español

Alas Rotas - ítulo 29 - hoy - - Español...

2018-04-09 46:49 2,178 Dailymotion

The Pilgrim's Litany

A road movie in which a pilgrim says his prayer, despite being very cold outside. the pilgrim's litany i am the grey martyr, the walker i am the leader as...

2013-02-07 04:27 0 Vimeo

Salizard animated test and finished picture

:) this is what I ended up with delivering for the realism school assignment. It was mainly the pic shown at the beginning/end of the movie tho. The animation i...

2010-11-30 01:08 2,016 Vimeo

The Hollow Men (Ozu Exercise)

We are the hollow men We are the stuffed men Leaning together Headpiece filled with straw. Alas! Our dried voices, when We whisper together ...

2013-04-15 02:26 56 Vimeo

Hiking Kilimanjaro Day 4: From Barranco Camp to Barafu Hut

From 12,778 feet to 15,200 feet Altitude gain: 2,422 feet Miles: 5 Time: about 8 hours from ~7:45am to 3:30pm I loved scaling Barranco Wall from camp. We wer...

2010-08-11 01:52 164 Vimeo

The Final Space Shuttle Flight - Atlantis

This is a combination of fisheye video as well as timelapse and zoom photography of the last space shuttle launch and the final flight of Atlantis. STS-135 laun...

2011-10-28 03:00 165 Vimeo

We Like It Here Spring Tour 2009: Foshay Tower

The pinnacle (quite literally) of our Spring Tour was the Foshay Tower, once the tallest building west of Chicago. Completed in 1929, on the eve of the stock m...

2009-05-18 07:45 221 Vimeo

My Golden Chamba and the Beautiful Vanilla

My Golden Chamba fell in love with beautiful Vanilla. It allowed the vanilla to climb over him. Beautiful Vanilla climbed up bowing down on his feet first. It b...

2016-07-15 00:54 2 Vimeo