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FPS Duel Disk

Duel Disk by Welly Chang Arms are from Nora Rig by Kiel Figgins I did all the animation...

2021-01-30 00:22 69 Vimeo


The Ladies Mighty Push was a free ride skate from the lighthouse in Milnerton along the rapid bus route bicycle / skate path to Pakalolo on the Tableview beachf...

2011-09-10 07:10 696 Vimeo

"60 years of Faith" (PILKITA)

A Video Profile we made celebrating 60 years of Pilkita. 3 days shooting with DSLR and DIY gears. Thanks to the client and all parts that has been involved. n...

2012-01-13 04:47 519 Vimeo

Candoco Dance Company 'The Perfect Human'

Candoco Dance Company kick off 2009 with their new works by Hofesh Shechter and Nigel Charnock. An interesting mix of the new and old, a bit of calming chaos ve...

2010-01-13 06:45 0 Vimeo

Ducati Glasgow Roadshow

Ducati Glasgow held their Roadshow at The Green Welly on April 14-15. 30-45 minute test rides ran all day with hundreds of riders taking part....

2018-04-15 01:52 5 Vimeo

The Inaugural Eyefulapalooza 2013

Fun, frolics and welly wanging all in the name of's the inaugural Eyefulapalooza! Filmed using whichever iPhone was available at the time to captu...

2013-08-22 03:26 0 Vimeo


Dedicated to the many people Rose has met and loved in Welly over the past 15 years. This love letter is to all my lezzy's around the world feeling distanced f...

2020-05-25 03:19 524 Vimeo