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Baguazhang is a style that includes brief, middle, and lengthy assortment fighting through offensive and protective methods. Whether you engage in for wellness,...

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One of Jiang Hao Quan's students performing a simple beginning form of Bagua there's no sound because i muted it, too much background noise...

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Baguazhang is an internal design of Chinese martial arts based on the 8 trigram or 8 fundamental principles. Baguazhang as a style of martial art which emphasiz...

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A través de este video aprenderás técnicas de Defensa Personal de Baguazhang....

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Baguazhang experts

Baguazhang is an internal style of Chinese martial arts based upon the eight trigram or eight fundamental principles. Baguazhang as a style of martial art which...

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Baguazhang Application martiale


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Baguazhang Circle Walking

Baguazhang is a fabulous style of kungfu built on Circle Walking using the 8 mother-palms.

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Swimming Dragon is an Amazing Baguazhang Exercise to keep your joints and back healthy. I Love it!!!...

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Baguazhang online course trailer


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Swimming Dragon Baguazhang Set

The core of Baguazhang is the 8 mother palms. Each mother palm is developed into a sequence with 8 typical techniques, making 64 techniques althogether. These 8...

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Yin Style Baguazhang Cartoon Animatic

A cartoon concept of a Martial Arts system called Yin Style Baguazhang. It is a rare system that involves prelude enlightenment through the practice of biomecha...

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Fundamentals of Baguazhang

Baguazhang at the UK Summer Camp at Arundel, England from 18th to 22nd June 2012.

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Baguazhang Combat Sequence 4

The 8 mother palms constitute the core of Baguazhang. There is a combat sequence for each of the mother palms, making 8 combat sequences. http://www.shaolin.or...

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