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YouTube Cha ne de dprktvradio

2010-09-16 03:22 576 YouTube

"I Can't Tell You"

Song from a DPRK comedy film made in the early 1990s.

2009-02-19 02:27 6,095 YouTube

Don't Ask My Name

Performed by Ri Kyong Suk of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble.

2009-03-22 03:02 162,601 YouTube

Song "We Are Masters of the Farm" 우리는 농장의 주인

우리는 농장의 주인 Song performed by the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble of the DPRK. Featured in the early 1990s DPRK film "Urban Girl Comes to Get Married".

2009-03-04 04:36 27,502 YouTube

Socialist Achievements of DPRK

Achievements in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea under the leadership of Great General Kim Jong Il.

2009-02-17 03:28 3,690 YouTube