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Fail Again, Fail Better

"Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat" -F. Scott Fitzgerald Summer Internship project produced at BL:ND / Direction / Design / Anima...

2012-04-05 01:32 274,035 Vimeo


5 Second Project for Grey Scale Gorilla - Info on the contest and rules here - Used Cinema 4D 11.5 ...

2010-01-21 00:05 18,345 Vimeo

Built to Fail

A typographic and 3d piece created while attending SCAD. Music: "Built to Fail" by VETO....

2011-02-03 01:30 5,089 Vimeo

5sec project "Fail"

Five Second Project – “FAIL”

2010-01-24 00:05 15,798 Vimeo

Fail Compilation July 2012

Fail Compilation July 2012 by

2012-07-31 19:52 26,519 Vimeo

Fail Forever

The video for the amazing track Fail Forever, taken from When Saints Go Machines debut Ten Makes A Face. Credits: Directors: William Stahl, Gry Holst Echwald, ...

2009-07-29 03:46 7,653 Vimeo

Fail Safe

Fail Safe How secure must we be to take risks? Does anonymity play a big role in how you behave online? What is the difference between losing and failing? "Fai...

2010-06-23 08:29 4,377 Vimeo