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Fire fire fire fire


2016-05-17 00:50 16 Dailymotion

Fire Fire Fire!


2008-03-20 00:21 77 Dailymotion

fire!, fire!, fire!


2014-05-05 00:30 10 Dailymotion

Fire Fire Fire Fire | HD |


2015-05-13 00:14 9 Dailymotion


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2016-04-10 00:41 2 Dailymotion

Fire Fire Fire!

We were driving back from breakfast today and saw black billowing smoke rising from the earth. Of course, where there is smoke, there's fire. And this was a d...

2007-11-19 04:35 93 Dailymotion

Fire Fire Fire

Fire Fire Fire...

2015-09-11 01:40 1 Dailymotion


The ability to control fire was a dramatic change in the habits of early humans. In this piece we collaborated with fire breathers who can beautifully manipulat...

2017-04-18 02:55 63,648 Vimeo

Large Scale Fire - Forest Fire

Forest Fire based on lesson from FXTDT mentorship program (module 6 - large scale fire) Simulation (5 containers) : 20 hours, Rendering : 32 hours (with GI turn...

2015-08-31 00:08 6,176 Vimeo


First-time stunt man Rex Hazard rides a gigantic bicycle while on fire. Doctor Danger helps Rex become a ball of fire and ride until he can't ride anymore. Shot...

2012-02-19 01:14 9,532 Vimeo

Houdini - Fire

This is some fire test. Fire activation by curve. Fire activation by particles. Fire activation by object and kill by particles. Fire activation by object. ...

2015-10-02 01:18 2,908 Vimeo


Chef Akos Szabo shares his culinary affinity for fire. A film by Andrew Gooi - Produced by Michelle Jacoby & Mark Lipczynski -

2016-09-25 01:47 1,645 Vimeo

Fire Dancers, Fire Eaters, Fire Breathers Zen Arts

Zen Arts fire dancers, fire eaters, and fire breathers are the best in the world. Based in Los Angeles and traveling worldwide Zen Arts fire performers have per...

2010-05-26 01:08 6,624 Vimeo


Photoshop CC 2014 Animated fire cycle...

2015-06-21 00:07 1,110 Vimeo