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Honey Bees

How Bees Make Honey

For this project, I illustrate the process of a bee making honey. Made in Illustrator and After Effects, the bees are largely animated with the Puppet Tool (ve...

2012-03-27 01:35 23,265 Vimeo

Honey Bees

Feel free to download and use this footage in any way....

2009-07-04 03:21 3,410 Vimeo

Vitality of Honey Bees


2013-12-02 01:59 4,398 Vimeo

Honey Bees

Footage of a wild nest that has remained undisturbed for over 30 years. - Situated in the buildings of an old fruit farm. Enjoy...

2009-11-03 01:10 4,251 Vimeo

Honey Bees

Animated infographic about honey bees. This is my first motion graphic video. This is an academic project....

2013-11-27 01:07 563 Vimeo

Caledonia Honey Bees

Videographer, Editor...

2015-12-04 02:38 22 Vimeo

Planting for Honey Bees Animation

How to support honey bees through positive planting action. There are over 40,000 honey bees in a colony at the height of the season and 25,000 as they go into ...

2016-05-26 01:05 0 Vimeo