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Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels

Sábado a tarde. O estacionamento é como um Hot Wheels gigante repleto de motoristas paulistanos....

2010-03-22 01:10 7,154 Vimeo

Hot Wheels - Secret Race Battle

Directors: Chris Staves, Mischa Rozema, Justin Blyth Production: The Panics Agency: Muse Dutch digital agency Muse approached The Panics to direct and produce ...

2011-03-28 03:35 15,891 Vimeo

Hot Wheels - Trailer

Shot at 250 Frames Per Second Full film coming soon......

2009-03-30 00:27 11,114 Vimeo

Hot Wheels Unleashed Announcement Trailer

Puppetworks produced this announcement trailer for Hot Wheels Unleashed, a console and PC racing game developed and published by Milestone. Renowned for its co...

2021-02-26 01:41 910 Vimeo

Hot Wheels- "Immersion"

A full CG, VES nominated spot for HotWheels. Lots of work went into making this spot here @ TheMill with very little resources. But in the end, it all worked ou...

2012-02-14 00:32 2,010 Vimeo

Hot Wheels Logo Animation

Commissioned by TrojanOne, Toronto to make a 5 second animation of their logo design, promoting the Hot Wheels 'Track Build Challenge' campaign....

2014-03-11 00:05 1,310 Vimeo

Hot Wheels- "Immersion-making of"

A Hot Wheels making of showing some of the hard work our team put into making this Full CG spot. From building the TwinMill from scratch, the highways, tunnels,...

2012-02-14 02:05 1,225 Vimeo