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PHP Programming

Get the Cheat Sheet Here : Learn HTML in 15 Minutes : Best PHP book : Support Me on ...

2014-08-10 36:09 1,564,349 YouTube

Learn PHP in 15 minutes

PHP is one of the most useful languages to know and is used everywhere you look online. In this tutorial, I start from the beginning and show you how to start ...

2013-01-15 15:00 1,437,946 YouTube

Is PHP still Cool in 2018?

Someone asked if PHP was still a good choice for a programming language in 2018. Short answer: in 2018 PHP still dominates the web development freelance ...

2017-09-05 06:45 35,357 YouTube

PHP Programming Language - Full Course

Learn the PHP programming language in this full course / tutorial. The course is designed for new programmers, and will introduce common programming topics ...

2018-06-20 36:39 123,324 YouTube

Как устроен PHP?

Обсуждаем устройство языка PHP. В частности то, как он работает, как подключается к веб серверу, в чём разн

2017-11-09 18:14 37,585 YouTube

Top 4 Best PHP Frameworks for 2018

In this video, we will discuss top 4 PHP Framework which is popular in the marketplace to learn in 2018. I have received this tutorial request many times lately...

2018-02-01 01:22 2,523 Dailymotion


We are one of the leading outsourcing companies for web & mobile application development. Simple and straightforward as the statement is, it denotes the potenti...

2018-07-10 01:32 1,138 Dailymotion

PHP &MySQL for Beginners Tutorial-3-Numeric Variables

PHP &MySQL for Beginners Tutorial-3-Numeric VariablesIn this video we are going to talk about the variables , its types and discussing numeric variables...

2018-03-15 07:30 2,329 Dailymotion


Strings containing valid decimal integers, unless the number is preceded by a + sign, will be cast to the integer type. E.g. the key "8" will actually be stored...

2017-12-16 28:58 2,296 Dailymotion

016 Switch Statements in PHP

PHP For Beginners...

2018-02-08 08:25 1,745 Dailymotion

Membuat Pagination dengan PHP dan MySQL (13)

Tutorial membuat pagination dengan menggunakan PHP dan database MySQL. Daftar isi :

2017-01-24 21:18 4,635 Dailymotion

Menampilkan Data User yang Sedang Login dengan PHP (10)

Tutorial bagaimana menampilkan data dan info user yang sedang login dengan menggunakan PHP. Daftar isi :

2017-01-23 20:49 4,992 Dailymotion

PHP profesional

Como me gusta decir, PHP es fácil de aprender y difícil de dominar. Es una de las opciones más rápidas y efectivas para la creación y mantenimiento de apli...

2011-05-17 02:28 4,652 Vimeo

Protect PHP File Uploads from Intruder

More Information:

2017-10-02 00:40 1,285 Vimeo

Jesús Ruiz-Ayúcar. Curso PHP profesional

"Explicative Motion graphics for PHP courses taught by Jesus Ruiz-Ayúcar" Client: Jesús Ruiz-Ayúcar (PHP programmer) Desing and animation: Errata Carmona M...

2014-06-02 00:45 1,165 Vimeo

Introduction to Object-Oriented PHP

A relatively quick overview of object-oriented PHP. I gave this presentation for the Montana Programmers group ( The...

2010-11-17 40:27 10,493 Vimeo

Intro to the Laravel PHP Framework

Are you ashamed to admit you're a PHP developer? Have you been using the same old, boring PHP framework for years? Tired of your PHP applications turning into e...

2012-07-09 39:13 0 Vimeo

VideoTutorial 1 del Curso de PHP y MySQL

Este es el VideoTutorial 1 del curso de PHP y MySQL. Comenzamos viendo los conceptos fundamentales del trabajo con PHP. Hacemos un análisis sobre lo que signif...

2010-01-17 26:15 35,085 Vimeo

Internet Pioneers: Rasmus Lerdorf - Inventor of PHP

Rasmus Lerdorf is the initial creator of the PHP web programming language in 1993. Rasmus now works for Yahoo! and continues to lead the large open source comm...

2009-08-21 08:46 5,845 Vimeo