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Race Cars

Dueling GT-1 Race Cars

Back in 2005, I built a Mazda GT-1 Race Car to compete along side my Pop in his Oldsmobile GT-1 monster. Both cars were designed by Leon Depestel and fabricate...

2011-09-18 04:17 126 Vimeo

Race Cars in Tech Ed

Director:Jessica DeBiasio Role: Storyteller District: Burlington School District, Burlington, Vermont School: Edmunds Middle School What does real world proble...

2016-01-25 02:15 784 Vimeo

Production Racing Cars - Race 4 - iRace Round 4 - Graham Lusty

Race 4 for the West End Mazda Production Racing Cars, onboard with Graham Lusty. This race took place at Round Four of the 2011 Independent Race Series, on the...

2011-08-04 26:57 188 Vimeo

CG Cars Race

- This was my modest entry for Andrey Lebrov's Automotive CG Challenge. - All made from scratch by me in Blender 2.83 except for the car model which's made by t...

2020-08-30 00:33 96 Vimeo

FPV Race Drone Chases Rallysprint Cars

6S Nazgul5 HD race drone chasing Rally Sprint Series cars around New Zealand 2021 KWAD KONG...

2021-03-10 02:51 9 Vimeo

Race Cars

Henry cheering the race cars and getting into the race....

2008-11-03 01:03 33 Vimeo

Race Cars

Stop Animation about Race Cars...

2016-02-25 00:45 28 Vimeo