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Activities of Kim Jong Un in January 2017

경애하는 최고령도자 김정은동지께서 여러 부문 사업을 현지에서 지도 주체 1062017 1 North Korea Nordkorea Corea del Norte Coree du nord.

2017-02-08 00:56 192,850 YouTube

Kids singing North Korean Anthem - 애국가 Aegukka, The Patriotic Song

Let morning shine on this land's rivers and mountains, Three thousand li full of silver and gold. This is my beautiful fatherland with a five millennia long history. Brought up in a brillian

2012-07-14 02:15 250,955 YouTube

Das Gesundheitssystem Nordkoreas [Deutsch] Stimme Koreas.

2017-06-09 24:22 1,520 YouTube