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Heart-Wrenching Video: Starving Polar Bear on Iceless Land | National Geographic

This is what climate change looks like. This starving polar bear was spotted by National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen while on an expedition in the Baffin Islands. ➡ Subscribe: htt

2017-12-11 0 YouTube

Starving polar bear video exposes climate change impact

Video filmed in the Canadian Arctic provides graphic evidence of the impact of climate change on polar bears in the region, showing an emaciated animal scrounging for food on ice-free land..

2017-12-09 0 YouTube

Miley Cyrus - Malibu (Official Video)

Get 'Younger Now' the New Album from Miley Cyrus: iTunes: Amazon: Spotify:

2017-05-11 0 YouTube

NASA Live - Earth From Space (HDVR) ♥ ISS LIVE FEED #AstronomyDay2017 | Subscribe now!

Live (2017) NASA Earth from Space - "International Astronomy Day", ISS HD Video is presented. NASA Live stream of Earth seen from space powered by NASA HDEV cameras aboard the International.

2017-04-04 0 YouTube

iMac Pro: 1 Week Impressions!

iMac Pro has been in the house for a week - this has been my experience so far! TwelveSouth Hi Rise Pro: John's iMac Pro Setup: http:/

2017-12-12 0 YouTube

Comment Dessiner Vegeta - Video Dailymotion(1)


2017-04-23 00:44 490,043 Dailymotion

Song to Song : vidéo making-of VOST

Une histoire d'amour moderne, sur la scène musicale d'Austin au Texas, deux couples - d'un côté Faye (Rooney Mara) et le chanteur BV (Ryan Gosling), et de l'...

2017-06-23 02:03 506,602 Dailymotion

My wifes video 2017 Romance - 내 아내의 비디오 2017

My wifes video 2017 Romance - 내 아내의 비디오 2017 My wifes video 2017 Romance - 내 아내의 비디오 2017 My wifes video 2017 Romance - 내 아내...

2017-09-02 46:17 159,238 Dailymotion



2017-03-30 01:08 95,768 Dailymotion

Como converter Videos

Aprenda Como converter Videos.....

2017-06-15 02:20 120,979 Dailymotion

Roma - vidéo de tournage VO Une histoire de famille se déroulant dans les années 1970 à Mexico....

2017-05-16 01:19 56,212 Dailymotion

La Planète des singes 3 - Vidéo virale Dans La Planète des singes 3 (War for the Planet of the Apes), troisième chapitre de la franchise acclamé...

2016-10-07 00:36 119,316 Dailymotion

Bonobo - 'Cirrus' (Official Video)

Buy at the Ninjashop: Download on iTunes: Buy on Amazon: Bonobo: Tak...

2013-01-24 03:22 567,320 Vimeo

Video Company

THINK \\ INSPIRE \\ SMILE BassAwards 2015 Winner \\ Explanatory Video ♠ SILVER » Credits « Voice off ♪ Alethia Alfonso Sound design ♬ Alberto Just...

2012-11-09 00:50 23,862 Vimeo

WoodSwimmer ( Bedtimes Music Video )

A music video made entirely from wood for a song by, WoodSwimmer is based on a concept I developed while designing a new stop-motion universe...

2016-12-22 01:40 796,870 Vimeo


Music : Suns and Another Sci Fi music video I animated : In th...

2013-10-29 04:17 223,941 Vimeo

SWEATSHOPPE Video Painting Europe New media art duo SWEATSHOPPE aka Blake Shaw and Bruno Levy are back from Europe with a new video that ...

2012-04-04 03:58 199,830 Vimeo

Hem // Tourniquet // Official Video

Music Video for Tourniquet by Hem - download Tourniquet here Directed by // Jordan Bruner Animated by // Greg Lytle ...

2013-01-04 04:06 288,909 Vimeo

M83 'Wait' Official video

'Wait', taken from the album 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming', is the final episode of the trilogy, the end point of the visual collaboration between M83 and Fleur & ...

2012-12-06 05:55 267,690 Vimeo